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Per Gulbrandsen

Founder, chief editor

CarlssonPlanets grundare, chefredaktör
Född: 1952
Bor: Stockholm
Gör: Redaktör,musikproducent
Favorit-Carlsson: OA-6 typ 1 men även OA-51, OA-52.3, OA-14, OA-116

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Jonathan Gulbrandsen


Webmaster, tekniskt ansvarig för sajten

Martin Dellstig

Co-Editor, responsible for English version of site


My first contact with Carlsson speakers was when I was 10 years old. A class mate of mine (or rather his parents) had what I have later realized to be a pair of Sonab OA-5 MkII driven by a Harman Kardon tube amplifier. None of my other friends had a sound that good and the memory stayed with me for many years. Later on I met a person who had a pair of “Pop boxen” the DIY Carlsson speaker driven by a set of Sentec 77 units and once more I felt the same, here is a sound quality I don’t have at home. We then had a rather simple Philips Stereo.
The years went by and I bought my own stereo equipment but like so many first time buyers I looked mostly into “how many watts” and “how big are the woofers”. Later on I started to realize that quantity is not quality and have been replacing my equipment a lot of times, one component at the time. Still not with high-end stuff but with parts that I find agreeable with me and my music. I listen to a bit of everything, Rock, Pop music, classical music etc etc.
One day I suddenly came a cross a pair of speakers with the grill on top and I remembered the feeling from when I was a little kid, I said to myself: Hmm I should try this. This was my first contact with Carlsson speakers for 25 years. I brought them home and plugged them in into the stereo down stairs and that was it. When you get the feeling this is how it is supposed to be you just get hooked and there is no way out of it. On the other hand you don’t need a way out. Of course when I started to turn the up a bit I found the woofers to be “blown” but I got help from Per Gulbrandsen so this was fairly quickly resolved.
I have since then tried several of the Carlsson speakers. I have several different Carlsson speakers, OA-5, “Pop boxen”, V-1, OD-11, OA-14 and OA-50.
I am not a “golden ear” myself so my speakers tend to be restored to working order but not always upgraded to the maximum level.
My future plans for Carlsson speakers are a pair of home-brew OA-51, to upgrade my V-1 with tweeters and to fix my “nuggets”: I have two pairs off “pop boxen” with 800 ohms speakers to restore, these I will use with my “Idestam Almqvist OTL tube amplifier.
Regarding who I am I can briefly mention that I am 39 years old, married, have two daughters three and five years old. I work as a Quality Manager and spend what spare time I have divided between family, music, friends and “eat & drink”.
Like the rest of us at CarlssonPlanet we do our work here voluntarily and on our spare time but it is a very rewarding work.

    Bo Sehlberg



    My name is Bo Sehlberg, 49, living in Boden in the north of Sweden (100km south of the Arctic Circle). I am working as a Development Manager at TietoEnator. I consider myself as a music listener, with sound quality requirement above the average listener, but not a Hi-Fi expert (as many participants at Carlsson forum:-).
    You can say that it was due to the magazine Radio&Television, that I started to use Carlsson speakers.
    However the path to the Carlsson speakers hasn’t been straight. I read an article about the ”Popbox” and decided that this could be a good way for a poor student to get a couple of good speakers to a low cost.
    But I did it in a slightly different way. I had learned to know the owner of radio shop in the town and once when I visited the shop I discovered a pair of OA5. That gave me an idea to try to measure the speakers, to be able to build a pair of ”real” OA5 instead of the “Popbox”. Since the article in ”Radio&Television” described the theory and solution I could guess the design of the inside of the cabinet. I went home and bought the material and started to build my own ”OA5” speakers. I was really satisfied with the result, and after this I built two more pairs for my brother, sister and a friend.
    But I wanted ”adventure” and do new discoveries, and horn speakers seemed to be cool. Once again it
    was ”Radio&Television” that brought me into this new path with a huge bass horn and some small side systems. I sold my ”OA5” to a satisfied buyer to get the money to buy material. I sold the horn speaker and build the famous Voight horn speaker, but was never satisfied with result.
    However in 1977 I found a pair of second hand OA116 speakers in the same radio shop everything started. I bought the speakers with my last spare kronor. Now I was a happy owner again, I thought, but when I started to listen to the speakers I found that one of the woofers was damaged. I went back to the shop and they ordered a new element and fixed the speaker. From that point I have been a happy Carlsson speaker owner until almost two years ago, when I heard a strange noise from one of the speakers – it was the famous foam surrounding that was broken.
    What a disaster! What could I do? I thought this was the end of a good friendship.
    Just accidentally I found CarlssonPlanet and started to read about restoration of speakers. My lost hope returned, perhaps there was hope for a new life for my OA116. I sent a mail to Per Gulbrandsen and he promised to help me and restore the elements.
    So once again I am a happy Carlsson speaker owner, but I still haven’t done a complete restoration, in time due I will probably do it.

      Björn Håkansson



      Music is my passion, both executing and listening, but at the present time it is more about listening.I have owned my Carlsson-speakers (Sonab OA12) since 1975. I did a careful selection among speakers available and through the years I always felt contended with the performance of them, though I knew then nothing about Stig Carlsson and the wide interest in his work. It is only during the last few years, through CarlssonPlanet, I have become aware of the concept ”Carlsson-speakers”. I have never felt the urge to exchange my speakers, except for a short time (very short actually) when the Carlsson OA58 speakers were introduced.As I am not so interested in the things that hide inside the boxes, I have recieved help by clever persons, who I have come to know through CarlssonPlanet, to upgrade my speakers to 12.2-status.Professionally I work as a psychologist and psychotherapist, mainly in an out-patient’s department in public medical service.
      Time off, when not listening to music, I also enjoy outdoor life and fly fishing.

        Roland Storm

        Photo Editor


        Jag är 48 år och bosatt i Upplands Väsby strax norr om Stockholm. Jag arbetar som egen företagare inom information och kommunikation med förflutet som journalist, fotograf, reklamchef, presschef och marknadschef.
        Mitt första möte med Carlssonhögtalarna skedde någon gång i ungdomen då jag träffade på de speciella Carlssonhögtalarna hos en bekant. Måste ha varit OA-5 tror jag. Men det är först på senare år som intresset har blommat ut ordentligt.
        För ett år sedan flyttade jag in i en villa med ryggås-tak och hustruns krav på möblering och högtalarplacering gjorde att jag fick tänka ut ett ”indirekt” ljud. Jag hade sedan många år tillbaka ett par Sonab V-1 som surround i min hemmabio och insåg att Carlssonprincipen nog var lämplig för mitt vardagsrum. Hittade så CarlssonPlanet på Internet, lusläste allt och bestämde mig för ett par Sonab OA-116 som efter någon månad införskaffades.
        Skumkanterna var dåliga så efter att ha läst olika tips och råd på forumet bytte jag dessa och blev imponerad över med vilket kvalitet högtalarna var konstruerade. Passade också på att fotografera allt inne och utanpå.
        Sedan införskaffades i raskt takt ett par Sonab OA-5 typ II och två par Carlsson OD-11 som nu blivit iordninggjorda och fotograferade i detalj. När jag kopplar in alla mina Carlssonhögtalare till min 7-kanaliga Yamaha får jag ett fantastiskt ljud i villan. Nu är jag helt Carlssonfrälst!
        Jag lyssnar en hel del på musik, gärna högt, där favoriterna återfinns bland 60-70-talet främsta band som Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Who, Stones med flera. En del storbandsjazz som Glenn Miller, Ellington och Basie kommer också med.
        Jag är ingen hifi-expert, men försöker lära mig så mycket som möjligt nu när jag funnit CarlssonPlanet. Nästa steg för mig blir att uppgradera OA-116 med nya diskanter och filter under hösten.
        Jag ser fram emot min roll som bildredaktör för CarlssonPlanet och hoppas kunna lägga upp en komplett bildarkiv med många bilder av samtliga Carlsson/Sonab-modeller.
        På återseende,

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