greetings. i have a suggestion.

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greetings. i have a suggestion.

Post by audio newbie »

I do not speak Swedish or understand it. I was wondering if you could find a person or program to make forums readable.
I'd like to be part of the community.
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Re: greetings. i have a suggestion.

Post by dsmudger »

Hi there, another non-Swedish speaker here 8-)

Here's how I read the forums/hopefully it should work quite well for you:

First go to:

Third column third row, is a link called 'English'. Click, hold and drag this to your browser's bookmarks toolbar - on Internet Explorer (if you haven't removed them) this is where you have those links to MSN and 'Customise links' or whatever it's called these days. In Firefox it's where you have stuff like 'Most visited' and 'News' etc; Safari it'll be Apple, Amazon, eBay, News etc.

This link, known as a Bookmarklet, is a little different to a regular link-to-a-URL bookmark; in that it's a snippet of javascript such that when you click the link in your toolbar, it grabs either whatever you've highlighted on the page, or if there's nothing highlighted it'll use the URL in the address bar, and send that off to Google's translate service.

A few caveats:
1. The page you get back from Google is a translated version of what Google saw when one of their computers looked at the URL you were on when you pressed the button. This means that if you were logged in to the forum, you have to remember that Google will have seen the slightly different not-logged-in view of that page. This means sometimes you will need to keep two tabs open (one with you logged in, seeing the Swedish version, another for the translated view) in order to see images that were uploaded into a thread (CarlssonPlanet forums require you to be logged in to see these kinds of attachments). Images linked/embedded from external sites however, work ok in the translated view.

2. For some reason Google's fancy overlays that get added to the page cause some rendering issues when combined with the forums software CP uses. The main one to watch out for is if you move the mouse over the the top few inches of a thread it'll hide the text with a sort of strange blank overlay - it's something to do with the 'Post a reply' button in the top left. Avoid it by moving the mouse pointer round the outside. This issue means you can't select any of the translated text (say in order to copy/paste it) from the top one or two posts. If needed, get around this by highlighting the text on the Swedish version before hitting translate to get just the English text on a Google branded page.

3. Google translate is still learning Swedish, and it's not all that good yet. Maybe one day we'll have a small glossary on here, but for now the main ones to watch out for are: whenever you see "disk users" or "washing states" (and I think "cafe edge" as well IIRC), the word it was supposed to be was "tweeters" or "cone tweeters" :) Also, as far as I can tell, any word in ALL CAPS means it wasn't sure what this meant, or something like that - I see them quite a bit and wherever a word has been converted to uppercase the translation is something quite wacky/nothing to do with the Swedish.

4. When you see stuff translated wrongly ('disk users' etc) and you manage to work out what it was meant to be, please use the 'suggest a better translation' link - it doesn't take long and although your suggestion won't appear immediately, it should eventually help teach their software a few extra technical terms (e.g. recently I saw it didn't know the word for crocodile clips) I expect the word for tweeters probably does literally translate as 'disk users' (or 'washing states') in Swedish, but typing it in again and again as a better translation on these forums (and similar), the service will eventually twig that where it appears on a page that also has a lot of speaker-related words, in that context 'tweeters' is in fact the correct translation.

So anyway, probably too much detail there/maybe you stopped reading at the bit about adding the link to your toolbar, but hey, figured why not; hopefully it'll help someone skip some of the head-scratching. Oh and of course; any questions, just shout.
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Re: greetings. i have a suggestion.

Post by Jonathan »

Huge thanks to you Dan, that was a very good write-up there. Appreciate it lots! :)
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