Help sourcing a carlsson and thoughts on models

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Help sourcing a carlsson and thoughts on models

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Not sure if this is the right board for this post. If not, sorry 🥲

I’m in the US and looking for a stereo for my bedroom. The new Teenage Engineering OD-11s caught my eye, but they are too pricey for a pair and are now extremely difficult to find in the US. So I though rather than get the only production Carlsson speaker I should go vintage and save something from the scrap heap ✌️

This said, even finding used Carlssons is very hard in the US. I’ve found a pair of OA-12s on eBay that look nice: ... media=COPY

So here are my questions:

1) From reading your description on this site, the OA-12s also seem highly regarded. Any thoughts on how they compare? For a small room is this a good Carlsson or should I hold out for a different model?
2) Any tips on where to source used Carlssons?
3) I’ve seen a few being sold here and there in very dubious condition. I’d assume that both drivers might need to be replaced. The drivers listed as good replacements on your site don’t seem to be commercially available anymore. But I bet there are people still doing refurbishments. What do people do if they need to replace a driver but the various Peerless models you recommend aren’t available?
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