OA-4 (Mk2) Speaker Wire

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OA-4 (Mk2) Speaker Wire

Post by markb »

Hello, I just obtained my first pair of Carlsson speakers and they sound better than any speakers I've ever owned. I'm surprised by the thin speaker cable though. My old speaker cables are 4mm wire terminated with banana plugs. Would the OA-4s sound better if I fitted banana plug sockets and connect them with my normal speaker cable, instead of the bell wire?

I'd appreciate any advice, thank you.
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Re: OA-4 (Mk2) Speaker Wire

Post by fredrikj »

Congrats! Isn't it fun how Carlssons from the 1960s still to this day can sound so magical? :)

It seems common to replace the original DIN connector terminals on Carlsson speakers with banana plug terminals. Especially if the original DIN connectors are clearly glitchy, i.e has intermittent connectivity problems.

Replacing the cables is a simple thing to do, so just try it. Have fun!

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