New photo gallery launched - old data migrated over!

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New photo gallery launched - old data migrated over!

Post by Jonathan »

Hi everyone,

Christmas comes early this year...
This is extremely long overdue. Back in May of 2007, this current (then new) version of the forum was launched.
There was no photo gallery software compatible with the new forum version at that point, so I decided to leave the old album open at it's old location, until I was able to convert it over to here.

Years went, nothing was released that could help me complete this.
And, it was sort of forgotten (by me at least, my apologies for that).

Today though, this all changes! A software has been released that integrates into this version of the forum, and I've also been able to convert the old album data and pictures into the new one!
You can visit it by clicking "Photo gallery" at the top right corner, just next to where you would log out. Or by clicking here!

Now, this new version of the photo gallery has tons of new features that even the old one didn't have, a short summary can be found below.

Anyways, I sincerely hope you will enjoy and use this! It took some headache to figure out the conversion. :mrgreen:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
I have yet to translate all of this into Swedish, it's only available in English - and that will take some time but I think it's better to let you guys start use it rather than having it fully in Swedish.

The first thing you want to do is to go to your user control panel (top left corner) and set up your own personal album from there! You can even decide who gets to see it and not!
Feature list:

Personal galleries (upload by owner only), with subalbums and management through user control panel
Notification (Mail & Jabber) on new images/comments
Full user-profile on comments
Upload more images at once
Report function
Filetypes: gif, jpeg & png
Resize images on upload
Search function (also available in the album) (page for Recent/Random/Top-Rated/Last comments/Own images)
Link to personal gallery on viewtopic
Number of user-images on viewtopic
Recent/Random images in user-profile
BBcode to use gallery images in postings
Unlimited sub...subalbums depth
Display exif-data
BBCodes, Custom-BBCodes and Smilies on comments & image-description
Option to favorite images
Next/Previous link (with imagename and thumbnail)
Unread-markup of albums with new images
- First timeperiod: Upload only, ratings and comments are not allowed, upload-username is hidden
- Second timeperiod: No more upload, ratings are allowed, comments are not allowed, upload-username is hidden
- End of contest: No more upload and ratings, comments are allowed, upload-username is displayed
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