Ideas for a new version of the site? Now's the time to share

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Ideas for a new version of the site? Now's the time to share

Post by Jonathan »

Hello everyone,

The release of a fully new version of CarlssonPlanet is growing closer.

Some of the features:

- Re-designed from the ground up. A much sleeker, cleaner, more modern and faster design.
- The site and this forum will have an integrated design, with menu access in the forums etc.
- Generally more "Web 2.0" with features like commenting and rating on all pages, RSS-feeds, etc.
- We're also of course trying to rework much of the content to be more up-to-date
- Ability to translate any page directly, instantly and in-line without having to leave the site, using Google Translator (over 45 languages available). This is of course good for all the Swedish content that hasn't been translated to Englisg, including newsletters.
- The ability to ask questions directly to CarlssonPlanet on the FAQ-page, and getting the answer (and question) published immediately for everyone to see (and getting an email notification of course), once we've replied

Since the site is still under construction and nothing is really "set in stone", this is the time to give me suggestions for things you'd like to see on, or perhaps don't want to see if there's something that bothers you today.
I can only take guesses on what users of this site wants. So if I could hear it directly from you, that would be the best. This is the chance to make things happen!

There's no suggestion that's too small or too big. Let me judge if I can make it happen or not. :) So if you have something, write me a PM here at the forums, email me, make a thread about it, or if you for some reason want to leave an anonymous suggestion, use this link.

Thanks in advance for your input!
Jonathan Gulbrandsen - Webmaster
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