Broken tinsel lead at speaker cone

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Broken tinsel lead at speaker cone

Post by ssdoeg1 » Wed 01 Apr 2020, 23:50

How do I replace a broken tinsel lead by the speaker cone?
This is for the 5.3 ohm woofer on an oa116 speaker. Can I cut a slit in the cone and solder the wire to existing wire going to voice coil. Would prefer to repair, if not feasable anyone recommend a 6.5" speaker with closely matching characteristics?

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Re: Broken tinsel lead at speaker cone

Post by STDI! » Thu 02 Apr 2020, 09:03

Have a look at ... insel+wire and see if any of them is similar to your problem.

If it's not possible to repair the correct and modern substitute is the 5,3 ohm version of B65oaIV.
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