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specifications peerless sc 165

Posted: Sun 17 Nov 2019, 16:22
by Martinus
Dear Sonab Friends,
I'm new on the forum and a absolute "forum noob". There is a fair change that I searched with my nose but is it tru that I can't find the specifications of the peerless sc 165 (the woofer of by example the OA-12). I bought a pair of OA-12 and some akdjgahhahg replaced the original peerless woofers by woofers from pioneer....
There are alternatives but they are pretty expensive. In order to find a cheaper replacement I'm looking for the specifications of the peerless woofers. Can someone give them to me of (of course ;-) point out where to find them on the carlssonplanet site and/or forum?!

Would be wonderful!

Cheers, Martijn.

P.s. I have also a pair of OA-5 (II) and "I'm over the moon" with them.