Carlsson OA-6X

Information is now leaking out about the coming new top-model of the new Carlsson two-way speaker series. The OA-6x (name not ready yet, might be OA-63 or OA-64) is the biggest two-way Carlsson speaker design yet. It is a much more capable and dynamic speaker that is capable to play very loud without distortion. It is designed to be capable to reproduce the actual dynamics and sound pressure of a symphony orchestra.

The design
The box

The OA-6x is an Ortho-acoustical two way bass reflex speaker with a box volume of approximately 40 – 50 litres, making it somewhat bigger than the postponed OA-60. The speakers are placed on a slanting baffle turned in to the room in a way similar to OA-58 and OA-60.
The baffle will have the same height as the other models, approximately 50 cm above the floor but it will of course be somewhat wider and deeper.

New Woofer
A new eight inch woofer is developed for the OA-6x. It is equipped with a metal cone, a cast aluminium frame and a very powerful magnet system. This gives the woofer an almost unlimited capacity for dynamics. The woofer is designed for OA speakers and therefore it doesn’t have the cross-over problems that have delayed the introduction of the OA-60.

The OA-6x uses the same tweeter as OA-60, a Carlsson T-11oa with an exclusive black metal front plate.

The OA-6x will have a look similar to OA-58 and OA-60 but with a more exclusive look compared to the smaller models. Different types of root-veneer are considered as well as other material.

The drive units are developed, drawings are being developed presently but the filters are not yet completed. We all look forward to the first listening test for the OA-6x.

TECHNICAL DATA Carlsson OA-6x, preliminary
Principle: 2-way direct- / omni-directional bass reflex
Positioning: On the floor against a wall with damped floor and reflecting ceiling
Inner volume: 40 – 50 litres
Mid/bass: 1 pc 8 inch
Tweeter: 1 pc Carlsson T11-oa
Filter: Not completed.

All models have a hood clad in black fabric on top.
The speakers are delivered in mirror imaged pairs.

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