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Carlsson OA-58 finally came in production i november -04. Itwas the first whole new new Carlssonspeaker for twenty years. The OA-58 is the entry model for the new series in the new millennium.

The Ortho-acoustical principles will be upheld and developed.
The new models are designed according to Stig Carlssons unique OA-principles, this result in a natural music reproduction in normal living rooms where the effects from the recording room is also present. No information is added or removed.

The new speakers are designed by SSC – Stiftelsen Stig Carlsson” (The Stig Carlsson Trust) and their sound- and loudspeaker experts.
Designing speakers after the OA-principles is a very time consuming activity. Using traditional design-programs for loudspeaker building is not enough, too many new and different factors affects the sound-reproduction. It takes a deep knowledge about Stig Carlssons methods and theories to be able to develop a speaker that Stig Carlsson would approve. Due to this the waiting has been long but now the new Carlsson OA-58 is finally here.

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Placing the speakers
The OA-58 like all other OA speakers shall be placed against a wall. The room is a part of the design of the speaker where the bass-boost supplied by the wall is included in the design in order to have a correct sound-reproduction. Placing the speaker is now even easier then before due to the very small foot-print of the speaker. The foot-print is only 23 x 26 cm (Approx. 9 x 10”).

The design
This speaker is like other Carlsson designs designed from the function of the speaker. This results in a speaker that is higher but with a smaller footprint compared to earlier models. On top there is a hood with two slanting sides. Under the hood you will find the baffle and the two absorbent panels.
The horizontal panel is 51cm above the floor as on all the new coming models. There is also an absorbent panel besides the baffle, alongside the back wall. Together these absorbent panels removes most of the early reflections that otherwise would have influenced the sound-reproduction.
The sound of the OA-58 is “in phase”, integrated and relaxed. This re-creates the sound of real musicians playing from an actual stage.

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The OA-58 is a two-way bass-reflex speaker with a volume of 22 litres.

The mid-woofer is Stig Carlssons famous SC-165 made by Peerless, now in its fourth and best ever format with age proof rubber surround, short circuit ring and other improvements.

The tweeter is the new Carlsson T-11oa. A silk dome tweeter designed by the Carlsson trust with extraordinarily low distortion.

The crossover is made from premium quality components. It uses SCR polypropylene capacitors. The filter is of the second order, 12dB.
The gold plated terminals are placed directly on the filter and the filter is placed behind the baffle.

Low frequencies
The OA-58 gives a lot in the low regions, down to frequencies normally reached only by sub-woofers which is almost unique for a speaker this size. The OA-58 can reproduce lower frequencies compared to its predecessor in spite of the fact that the woofer size and box-volume is the same. This is due to the more flexible suspension of the woofer and a better airflow within the speaker.

The enclosure
Is made from MDF and due to its small depth and width gives only a minimum of vibrations and “box-sounds”. A special set of damping feet, adopted to the OA-58 is to be introduced during spring –04.


Principle: 2-way direct- / omni-directional bass reflex
Positioning: On the floor against a wall with damped floor and reflecting ceiling
Inner volume: 20 litres tuned to 30Hz
Mid/bass: 1 pc Peerless 6.5 inch 8 Ohms SC165 – Mk IV
Tweeter: 1 pc Carlsson T11-oa
Filter: SCR/MKP Polypropylene capacitors and air-cored inductors.
Cross over frequency: 2500 Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Measures B x H x D: 26 x 75 x 23 cm

The OA-58 was available in:
• Dark Cherry
• Folioed in sandblasted black
For 6,000 SEK
For 600 SEK extra painted in any colour
Veneered: 9,000 SEK per pair.

All models have a hood clad in black fabric on top.
The speakers were delivered in mirror imaged pairs.
Production stopped in may-06.

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Martin Dellstig – Co-Editor

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