Welcome to CarlssonPlanet!

Welcome to the NEW! CarlssonPlanet, a non-profit website about the unique Carlsson loudspeakers and how to renovate them!

Discuss the Carlsson loudspeakers at our discussion board!

Welcome to CarlssonPlanet, the big free homepage of the Carlsson speakers. CarlssonPlanet is run on a hobby basis by Swedish volunteers. You can also follow and meet us on Facebook!

At CarlssonPlanet
We give information about Stig Carlsson, his ideas and the different Carlsson designs.
We also give information on how to maintain and upgrade the Carlsson speakers so they will give pleasure to their owners for years to come.
In the future you will be able to find pictures, manuals, tests, interviews and articles on our home page.
Also we try to give hints on what parts we recommend to use for restoring and also where to find them.
At present we focus on bringing information on the speakers and how to restore them to the public.

At our board
Information on closely related subjects and detailed information on specific issues can be found on our discussion board.
At the board we discuss, exchange experiences and ideas related to restoring, upgrading, accessories, DIY and many more things related to Carlsson speakers etc.

In the future we hope to be able to give our English-speaking friends the opportunity to receive our newsletter.

The Carlsson Sound
We, the people at CarlssonPlanet, have seen and heard most of the Carlsson speakers. We are still deeply fascinated about the quality of sound-reproduction from a pair of Carlsson speakers.
For five decades Stig Carlsson kept to the same ideas, resulting in the fantastic ”Carlsson Sound”.
The sound is very integrated and relaxed and if the recording is of good quality you will find the back wall of your listeningroom has disappeared and it feels as if the musicians has moved into your listening room.
You find your self at a concert – at home!


Martin Dellstig
International Editor

Many thanks to
Per, Jonathan, the translation team and many others for their help in the making of the english side of the CarlssonPlanet.


Martin Dellstig – Co-Editor

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