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Carlsson OA-50.2

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"The perfect two-way!”
- was what the Swedish magazine Hifi & Musik wrote 1996 in an overwhelmingly review of Stig Carlssons new version of OA-50, the OA-50.2. It really is an experience to hear either one of the last completed designs from Stig Carlssons hand. Reviews from the time they were introduced talked about how the back wall of the listening room was removed when the Carlsson OA-50.2 or OA-52.2 was used. Others called the updated OA-50.2 a “price chock”. The OA-50.2 woofer was the SC-165 MkIV. The Peerless woofer now was fitted with a short circuit ring, age proof rubber surrounds, and lower distortion.
The tweeter is the same 25 mm metal dome Vifa as used in many other speakers at the time like Thiel 3,6 etc. The crossovers were made from air wound inductors and plastic film capacitors carefully selected for their sonic properties. The OA-50.2 was produced from 1996 – 2002.

OA-50.2 is still so new so it’s not likely to be in need of a restoration yet.
When that time comes it is however easy to restore according to “restoration and upgrading”.
As boxes often get worn and looks used with dents, scratches and other surface damages the Carlsson factory has decided to offer re-veneering of the boxes complete with new borders and everything.
The price for re-veneering a pair of OA-50 is 2.500 SEK (ca 270 Euro).
Questions regarding this should be addressed to:
Carlssonfabriken i Skillingaryd: Tel 0370-70 900
John Larsen HiFi.

Upgrade kit
Since 2003 there is an upgrade kit available for upgrading the speaker to .3 status.
The OA-50.3 upgrade uses the new Carlsson T-11oa silk dome tweeter with new filters.


Principle: 2-way omni-directional bass reflex tuned to 30Hz
Cabinet: 22 mm chipboard, 30 mm baffle of MDF/chipboard
Inner volume: 20 litres
Measures: 38,8 x 46,6 x 31,6 cm (B x H x D)
Mid/bass: 1 pc Peerless 6.5 inch 8 Ohms SC165 with rubber surround, paper cone and short-circuit ring
Tweeter: 25 mm aluminium dome (Vifa D25AG-35-06)
Sensitivity: 89 dB/W/M
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Cross over frequency: 3000 Hz
Frequency range: 28-20.000 Hz according to DIN
Positioning: On the floor against a wall with damped floor and reflecting ceiling
Weight: 14.4 kg
Finish: Black and white lacquer
Other: The speaker is designed to reduce the early reflections of the room, to have a wide sound dispersion and to use the bass gain from the room to get a flat frequency response.
New speakers in 2002: 6,000 SEK per pair.
Second hand price: 1.500-4.000 SEK depending on finish.

Martin Dellstig - Co-Editor

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